Harney-Barrow is a multimedia art umbrella. You can learn more about the person behind Harney-Barrow by clicking on Self link, either on there or on the Harney-Barrow logo, which will bring you to the index.
Harney-Barrow has been in operation as early as July 2014 and will hopefully continue for many more years. As of now, Harney-Barrow has tapped and dabbled into Video Game Development, Music Production, Paintworks. Many more things will hopefully be coming down the pipeline of time!

It is my hope that Harney-Barrow can bring the soul essence of its environment that created it. An environment emanating from the spectres of failed rural aspirations of a post-9/11 Northwest. To use this essence by remembering and recognizing the successes and failures of the past. To create good entertainment and fine art, while not abandoning former goals, but rather to keep it warmly close to the heart.