Harney-Barrow is curated, run, and labeled by A.R., although at times using pseudonym personalities like Alejandro Ramos Ferrer. Born and raised into a post-9/11 United States of America, he immediately jumped right into the internet when CenturyTel has just introduced DSL into the rural town of residency. Make it about a decade and a half of existing, entrenched in "web culture". There's not much to talk to neighbors or other residents when "web culture" pervades your memory more than even pop culture could fight back against with millions in marketing.

The non-internet side is tied to rural life in a former company town. Lumber mills down to less than 5, in-town smokestacks and warehouses crumbling, and Ranch-style Sears houses splintering & fraying, with the chips of pine woods & lead paint. Not counting the manufactured trailer houses and McMansions, that is.
Life consists of geological isolation, stacked onto sociological/group isolation, stacked on top of religious isolation, which then nests in quite nicely with continual mental deterioration as the ultimate synthesis of the world at large.