There should be something here. I've got some writings in the storage somewhere. I'm going to need to dig some out of the old family archives. I don't really touch them right now. I'm not planning on making "The Great American Novel" for now, though I'll still keep it in a college-grade binder in the basement shelves. Hope not too many cobwebs have graced contact with it. I hate cobwebs. Well, not in a vaccum, no. It's when you have to push your way ahead through a nest of webs that said spiders don't even use often. Ah well.

If you're really desperate for any writing of my own, you can click on the 'Blog' link on the front page. Just be aware that most of the content on there is not of anything resembling a "high caliber". I don't get paid to do this. Man I wish I could get paid. Does McDonalds hire copywriters? Or I could don a plastic cowboy hat and be the "Outback Spokeman-Representative" for Salvation Army or something,

All I know is that I need money and nobody's hiring. You can't just try fixing a bike with two sawhorses and a 2x4 stick. It doesn't work, because you have to turn bolts and gears around. But you can't do that when the working space is ridiculously cramped. Don't believe me? You try hefting a garbage 2000's Walmart "Mountain Bike"-Shaped Object thing on some splintering sawhorses. Adjust the gear ratios for shifting. I bet you won't like doing that. At all.